Ahsan Redefined Humanity!

Throughout the last 6 months, I met so many people having actually golden hearts and vice-versa. I believe, every person we meet, leaves a lifelong lesson for us, it might be good or not. But all these lessons matter! Let me share something with y’ll:

Today I was sitting idle at a coffee corner near Dhanmondi Lake. I ordered a plate of Fuchka (a popular street food among Bangladeshis). In a note, I must say, in a plate of Fuchka, usually we get 7/8 pieces of it. After the arrival of my desired platter, I started enjoying those wholeheartedly. When I was about to deplete the 5th piece of it, a street kid, named Ahsan, came close to my table. He wore a filthy T-shirt and half pant with a lot of mud on it, orifices of his T-shirt were pretty countable, his hair was in the air chaotically and he seemed totally unaware of it. All he had on his face was - a naughty smile. How heart wrenching his smile was!!!

Although, I found him traumatized and he was careful enough about the security guard of the cafe who might not even take a single second to kick the kid just after seeing him (the kid) begging for food from their valuable customers. I was totally aware of the entire situation and called the boy to sit next to my chair. I hardly had 3 pieces of Fuchka left on my plate and I had to think for twice, how many pieces I should offer the kid! And finally, I could dare to offer the last two pieces after eating up my 6th one. How miserable of me!!!

So far, whatever I have descripted is an approx. common scenario of almost every roadside cafeteria in developing countries and Of course, I believe many of you have experienced of doing such a mighty or penury job, whatever it may be called, at least once in your life. What amazed me today was, when I passed the plate to Ahsan, he quickly started putting those in a scruffy paper. Being surprised, I asked what he was doing. Proving all my definitions of humanity wrong, Ahsan replied, “Can you see a boy sitting near the lamp post? He’s my friend Jhony. He’s crippled. We both are unfed since yesterday. I cannot eat your entire food all alone leaving my friend. I must share with him!!"



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