Movie Review: Kung Fu Yoga (2017) Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood

Kung fu yoga is an action adventure masterpiece starring Jackie Chan.

This is a great movie.

Similarities can be drawn from Jackie Chan’s The Myth (2005) and Luc Besson’s The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (2010) – personal favourites. The pre-credit scene is all in CGI and looks a bit like a PlayStation game but the real movie begins after the entry credits. However the scene was integral to the plot.

This movie is a nice mixture of Asian myth, fantasy and history between China and India. The movie would do nothing more than strengthen an already strong relationship between the two densely populated nations. Its a nice break from the doldrums of Euro-American Western propaganda machine that is Hollywood and their false superiority complexes of USA saving the day! It’s nice to hear another rhetoric and story for a change.

The story involves a archaeologist and lecturer making a discovery and returning it to the people. There’s cameos all around. From a lion to a very expensive police car. Little Jackie was my favourite character. All hilarious and well placed. Eric Tsang’s (Infernal Affairs) cameo appearance made me smile and would love to see a Samo Hung or Yuen Bilal appearance too.

There is a scene with the wooden man which will bring a tear to the eyes of any true martial arts fan. It displayed a brilliant combination of artistry, skill and again, comedy. In regards to the action fight sequences - Jackie Chan has still got it! The fight scene choreography is off the chain!!!! Nobody and I repeat nobody can direct action scenes like the Chinese and other East Asians (Japanese and Korean Cinema). The use of foreign objects, timing, comedy and camera angles are unmatched.

The movie now explains why Jackie Chan was seen in Dubai in 2016. And on the subject of Dubai the entire scene there was nothing short of insaneeeeeeeee! My mouth and eyes were held open in astonishment from start to finish.

The third act moves at a nice pace building to a fine crescendo. The ending alone is worth the admission.

The two Bollywood actresses are nothing short of stunning. Gorgeous. Damn!!! I’m sorry but I didn’t believe the Bollywood lead actor Sony Sood, especially during the penultimate protagonist antagonist battle. This is why his stuntman was so clearly noticeable. His performance was slightly wooden and wardrobe dated but was sufficiently menacing and solid in his role overall.

Jackie Chan makes the best explorer movies. He has taken Indiana Jones adventure genre and added some Hong Kong martial arts action comedy. A clear case of taking the original, putting your spin on it and improving it. His character is a mixture of an older “Asian Hawk” (Armour of God trilogy) and Ethan Hawk (Mission Impossible series), a clear nod to Indiana Jones. It’s even mentioned in the script. He’s basically a Chinese Henry Indiana Jones.

I also loved the use of what is today’s basic technology including iPads, laptops and drones. Some Apple product placement there. The characters in the movie utilised technology which everybody can access. I liked how they found innovative uses for this technology to aid them on their journey and take them to places where they couldn’t go. It makes you want to go out exploring.

To summarise;

  • Jackie Chan is the ultimate ultimate ambassador for China.
  • Big up to yoga, its practice and history.
  • A brilliant bridge between 2 mega-nations and their joint legacies
  • If you see ‘a Stanley Tong film’ watch it
  • The movie is humbling yet inspiring and will have you leaving the movie theatre with that feel good feeling!

Kung fu Yoga is solid action adventure comedy.

Go see it!!



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