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Citizens can check their registration information and location to vote

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“Learn who your candidates in the Kenya 2017 election are. e.g. “Who is running for Governor in Nairobi.”

Website: To check which candidates are standing in country, county, constituency and ward level

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Scenes from the Uchaguzi Situation Room #electionske2017 #electionske: Follow @ushahidi on Instagram

Citizens can report on a successful vote as well a issues such as voter suppression, ballot issues, or violence
Timeline, and stats board of reports submitted from Uchaguzi Partnerships
● The Uchaguzi Short Code (20166),
● Twitter: @uchaguzi,

Its been a whirlwind of a week, but a good one nonetheless. I got to meet incredibly inspiring women and talk about constructive ways to support women entrepreneurs, through financial inclusion and also a seed fund that is in the works. More announcements specific outcomes and my involvement will come at a later time. For now, here are a few links to media that covered my perspective and comments at the high level gathering in Berlin.

Deutsche Welle news coverage — Relevant quotes on my comments below.

“I think that would be a really great first step,” she said. Rotich…

Today at Gearbox, I met Esther Wanjiku Mwangi, Founder and CEO of She showed me the vending machine she and her team have deployed in urban settlements. The vending machines reduce the cost of sanitary pads by making them readily available in a form that is more affordable.

Thankful for young people like Wanjiku, for all the craziness going on in the world, it is a good reminder to all of us that there is good being done in the world.

Wanjiku would like to scale her business to more locations in Kenya. She is currently looking for investors in her business; to support her work, she can be reached via and her site is

Thank you Abu Okari for the intro and the chance to meet someone who has made my day and inspired me.

We must build better

Nov. 8th 2016 — Nairobi, Kenya. I was done with the work for the day volunteering for Ushahidi US Election watch and had gone to bed… woke up to the news that Donald Trump was going to be the next president of the United States. In between messages with friends in the valley and reading through the many explanations of how and why this happened…. I had one exchange with Aza that has stayed with me since. As we talked of the filter bubbles, a broken attention economy and current incentives for valuing startups. At the…

A recent Mozilla report from Kenya brought to light the fact that web there are millions of people getting online who do NOT know what the internet is, that the internet is theirs, that it is not one walled garden, and are not aware of the possibilities of creation and not just consumption. That
“The Internet and its potential are yet to be discovered by a substantial amount of people. Participants mainly considered the Internet as a way of interacting with others through social media, and are not aware of other resources the Internet has to offer.”

Consider that there…


I had the immense honor of receiving an award that has been given to women in different industries over the last 5 years. The theme for this year’s event at Femme De L’annee was women in technology. To have my work over the years and current work in deploying technology for marginalized areas plus supporting other entrepreneurs in Africa recognized was humbling and encouraging. In looking back at how my journey has shaped up over the years, I have nothing but gratitude for my late dad, my uncle Mr. Singoei, my mum and the teachers who showed me that a…

Meet Dorothy Nyongo: She is an amazing woman and founder of The Africa Cancer Foundation; which is a non-profit organization that promotes cancer awareness and prevention by early detection, provides support to cancer patients and caregivers, and is involved in the development of guidelines and protocols for cancer diagnosis, treatment and healthcare provision. She started this organization after the early detection and successful treatment of her husband Anyang Nyongo

Dorothy Nyongo, Juniour Nyongo and Mrs Munya
Dorothy Nyongo, Juniour Nyongo and Mrs Munya

ACF has a network of over 700 volunteers. On that day in Meru, there were several stations for registration, taking of vitals like blood pressure, body mass index, diabetes screening (in…

One of the gaps in the technology landscape of East Africa and Nigeria is funding for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at seed and early growth stage. As an advisor to startups with a lot of potential and my own angel investing experiences, this gap in financing is one that I would like to tackle and help fill. I met Eline Blaauboer (TBL Mirror Fund; Safaricom Spark Fund; East Africa Venture Capital Association) and Mairead Cahill (Dalberg; M-KOPA; BT) through mutual friends. They are the managing partners of Africa Technology Venture. …

Juliana Rotich

Africa Tech Ventures, BRCK, YGL 2016, TED Speaker, MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow Alum, Co-founded Ushahidi, iHub, BRCK. Advisor to companies e.g BASF etc

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