Week 6 NFL Picks

I missed last week as I was once again out of town. Week 5 was a bore anyway, so I don’t feel like I missed much. The Rams lost and thats probably because I didn’t get to pick against them. I went 5–8 in Week 4. I’m on a downward spiral here, but still, just barely, have a winning record overall at 29–28–1. I think the football gods may have it out for me recently because thats back to back bad weeks for me picking and I just lost back to back weeks in fantasy. Just sayin’.

San Francisco at Buffalo (-8)

Buffalo is quietly on a nice 3 game win streak and Shady McCoy just torched the Rams, who, in my opinion have a nice defense, so I expect him to come out and dominate the Niners as well. Bills Mafia is going to show out and take it to another level. Over/Under 8 tables smashed pregame?

Philadelphia (-3) at Washington

I still am not a believer in this Eagles team. I may be in the minority, but i just don’t think they are as good as their record says they are. And no, this has nothing to do with a weird irrational hatred of Carson Wentz because he is doing great while Jared Goff spends every game on the bench. Trust me it has nothing to do with that. I do, however, think they are better than Washington and expect them to win this game.

Cleveland at Tennessee (-7.5)

I need to stop getting cute with my Browns picks, and this is the week I start. Marcus Mariota is a nice QB and I’ve always liked him. I’d like to see Cody Kessler do well and get a win, but I don’t see it happening. If this game had been in Cleveland, I’m probably taking the Browns. I just feel a little bad for them since they are just consistently terrible. The players probably don’t feel great seeing the Indians and Cavs do so well. Poor Browns.

Baltimore (+3.5) at New York Giants

The Ravens started off the season hot, but we all knew that was a mirage. The Giants, man, I don’t even know what to think about them. I’m leaning towards them still being a pretty mediocre team. Would I be surprised if the Giants came out and just carved up the Ravens, no, but I think it is more likely that its a close game and the Giants basically lay an egg.

Carolina at New Orleans (+3)

I’m just going to go with Drew Brees at home because you can never go wrong doing that, well you can go wrong, but it’ll always be close. Who knows, maybe this is the week the Panthers put it all together finally, but I don’t really think they will since it’s Cam’s first game back, he might not be 100%, who knows. I don’t exactly think this is playing it safe, but I think it could be.

Jacksonville (+1.5) at Chicago

I don’t like this game. Both teams are bad. The Jaguars just had a bye and Chicago looks better with Brian Hoyer. Fuck. I really have no idea because I can see the Jags laying an egg on the road, but I could see the Bears coming out flat as well. Who knows. I’m jaggin’ off though in the end.

Los Angeles at Detroit (-3)

Please let the outcome be the opposite once again.

Pittsburgh (-7) at Miami

There is no way the Steelers lose this game, right? Miami is garbage and the Steelers have Big Ben, Bell and Brown all playing. No way they lose. Or they come out the same way they did against the Eagles, which would be shocking. So I’m going Steelers, huge.

Cincinnati at New England (-7.5)

Tom Brady returns home. They are gonna be pumped up, the fans are going to be hyped. No way there is some weird let down and everyone was overhyped. Not happening. TB12 puts up huge numbers once again and the Pats win big. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

Kansas City at Oakland (+2.5)

Derek Carr is my dude. Oakland is 4–1 and playing great. I know Andy Reid, 15–2 after a bye, but this is the week where they don’t get their usual post bye win. Derek Carr and the Raiders are at home and going to play well. Unless they are all focused on the potential move to Las Vegas, then they are screwed.

Atlanta (+6.5) at Seattle

Atlanta isn’t as good as their record says they are in my opinion. They do have a great offense, but Seattle’s defense will neutralize them. Julio Jones is going to have another sub par performance, although I think Coleman and Freeman will play well. Seattle wins, but Atlanta covers.

Dallas at Green Bay (-4.5)

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers greatly benefit from playing this game at home. This is the game where Dak finally throws a pick and doesn’t look like he will keep the starting job from Romo after this game. Elliot, however, will continue to run well. The Packers may have a good run D, but they havent really faced the greatest of backs. So Zeke still does well, but it isn’t enough to win as Rodgers will do as he wants and lead the Packers to victory.

Indianapolis at Houston (-3)

Both of these teams are garbage, but I have to pick one. And I’m going with Houston because their defense is better and they are at home. The Colts cannot help out Luck in anyway and for the Texans Brock Osweiler isn’t a good QB so this is a toss up and I like Houston.

New York Jets at Arizona (-7)

Carson Palmer is back and I think the time off was good for him. He is going to come out and play great. Fitzgerald is going to have a huge game. As long as the Cardinals line can protect Palmer then I think they should win this easily. That is the key though, however David Johnson could make this all obsolete. Big games all around the Arizona offense.