Can the attempt to get paid by men who disappointed me deliver something bigger than healing?

Confident Black woman writing down invoice at her computer.

Days after my 32nd birthday, I sat hunched over my computer typing feverishly into oblivion as the sky darkened outside. It was Memorial Day weekend and instead of being at someone’s barbecue drunkenly two-stepping to Earth, Wind & Fire I was drafting invoices — two invoices — to two men…

In a ZORA exclusive with the author, we explore power, sex, and religion against the backdrop of Lagos

TThere are some novels that stay with you, imparting a lasting message and leaving an intangible impact. Black Sunday, a debut novel from author Tola Rotimi Abraham, is one of them.

In Black Sunday, Tola Rotimi Abraham, an Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate, weaves a profound narrative about a Nigerian family…

A woman mourns the memory of a close friend who passed unexpectedly

EEarly last fall, when the leaves began to change colors, I started to feel like I was drifting into the first waves of depression. It was an acute feeling, a knowing, made only worse by sitting still at home every day, pondering my thoughts.

And so I bought a ticket…

When I hear most people talk about their first solo travel experiences, there’s a twinkle in their eyes. Their voices take on a sing-song melody and mimic audible poetry. They share about how they felt pulled to explore the world all on their own, how they booked that trip despite…

Nneka M. Okona

Heart-centered writer writing about travel, food, personal growth and self-discovery.

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