trying to prevent someone else falling for the same shi
actually, my bad……

After reading all your comments on this thread I am convinced of your good intentions, but why are you going at it the wrong way? Does it have anything to do with your persona of choice- ‘Q’? I take it that you’re a fan of the Star Trek character (I may be wrong, of course) and that you want to identify with that Q character whose true nature is beyond the power of understanding of ‘inferior beings’- such ad humans -therefore appears before people only in the ways they are equipped to understand (I looked it up:), I’m not that smart). Is that why you’re taking the same route as is commonly taken -i.e. victim blaming (I consider the term ‘shaming’ misused and inappropriate) even if completely unintendedly so -thinking it would address the problem? Because you’re not helping, in fact you’re only adding to the problem, albeit that you genuinely want to change things for the better -you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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