the use of the term “Imperfect War
I had to look up the word War and I’m glad that I did, because the singular word War, in this…
Caleb Ramsby

An Imperfect War — it might indeed be used as an apt description of what is and has been going on concerning women. I didn’t know about the term, so I owe you on this. It fits perfectly while it is paradoxically called ‘imperfect’. A perfect war would at least be out in the open and it would be conducted by the rules of a code of honour and it would be somewhat fair. One would openly admit to what they intend to gain and assert their justification and legitimacy with. But where women are concerned (or minorities, for that matter), they would conceal their interest and intention, as it is in itself an admission of the that fact that they very well know what they intend is not right and the justification is thwarted. Also the meaning of the word itself fits — ’imperfect’-unfinished, perfectible, an ongoing process.

Your analogy with the socialist state is also good. I happen to have lived in a socialist/communist state for a good portion of my life, so I had a strong feel of it. Under the guise of social care and protection and a ‘concern' for the greater good, people’s personal individual value and identity were crushed, belittled and dismissed, they were only assigned the role of mindless bee workers to serve the queen bee -the State- who knew better and had to be obeyed (by force). It really is very similar to what women go through.

You have no idea how close to home the Crossing Continents episode hit with me. How familiar it is for me. Things are not far at all from what is going on in my country and all over the world, actually. Everybody knows it, everybody sees it, everybody witnessed it at some point or several in their lives, everybody admits to the truth of it behind close doors, yet nobody can do a damn thing about it. Some try, but to no avail or with little effect. I don’t see things improving any time soon. The least we can do is calling things out and tell them like they are as often as we can. I admire those women for the courage to do what they did. I couldn’t do that. I’m sorry for my gloomy tone, but I’m really tired (I hope I managed to make some sense) and I have just had an unpleasant exchange with some people here and, as it turned out, it was only a waste of my time.

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