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Are you familiar with the saying ‘by doing nothing, you learn to do ill’? Or with the tale about the non-Jew neighbour who did nothing when the Nazis came for the Jews?

I failed to see the damsels in distress aimed at in Heath’s post, he was referring to kids mainly. I work with kids, some of them struggle with this problem, so I actually bookmarked his response to show it them, I think it will really help them. See? He did the work for me, no waste of time there.

You say ‘ignore it' (that has some truth in it, for the sake of self preservation, if anything), ‘it is a waste of time' and misplaced use of energy when you take the time to address anything of the sort, yet you take the time to berate Heath. Talk about misplaced use of energy!

Other than that: peace!

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