Jesus Christ.
Sirous Martel

Boy, aren’t you jittery! What mask?!?! The only mask turns out to be yours! Don’t try to gaslight me. It’s not working. You’re walking the path of misogyny. Every step of it. By the book.

Step 1. You were polite and seemingly understanding at first, apparently open to discussion.

Step 2. When things didn’t go your way, you threw the misunderstanding card. I ‘misunderstood’ you: you have nothing against women, you consider them partners and colleagues, only feminist sluts piss you off (because they paved the way for those women who are your colleagues to be able to go to school and thus become your partners instead of being forced to keep being ‘barefoot and pregnant’, but of course I’m wrong and I misunderstood)

Step 3. You treat me as if I have no idea what I’m talking about. I only think I know, because how can I? I’m a woman. More than that, I come from a totalitarian regime, my judgement is faulty and tinted, ‘any academic will tell me that’, hence I’m less than a worthy co-debater. And no, you weren’t specific in any way on anything. Shall we debate on the meaning of ‘specific’? What are those specific Marxist ideas that ‘inspired' feminism? I asked you to state clearly what you understand feminism to be, but you didn’t . Why is that? Which ideologies concern you specifically? Do tell, otherwise we’ll just keep boiling water.

Step 4. You lash out and project your insecurities on me. You take insult where there was none -I merely stated what is considered ‘western’. Where was the insult there? If anything, I chose to not see the insults YOU threw at me in the first place, and you have ZERO remorse for doing that. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. What followed was you harvesting what you sowed.

All of the above being said, I don’t expect an honest exchange from you. You’re a troll and I’m done with you, Sirous Martel, the one who ‘knows nothing’ as you yourself say. I’ll tell you what: don’t just say it, own it.

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