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Hahaha!… I took a minute (5) to laugh! I believe it would be a waste of resources for you to go through all that trouble and expense — not that you’re not welcome, both of you, you really are, anytime, to my country and my old shabby house — but I think I’m a lost cause (didn’t I mention I am 48), there even is a saying in Romanian that translates to something like “You can’t put the reins on an old horse”.

Besides, it’s not like I didn’t try. I tried. Once. You should have seen the shock and the mesmerized look on my brother’s face! ’You’re… cooking???’he asked with wide eyes and then he started to take pictures of me doing that with his phone, he said that the moment HAD to be immortalized.

And later he laughed his ass off at the result of my endeavor. Well, we both did, but that was when I threw in the towel.

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