pro life” is the wrong descriptor. “Forced pregnancy” would be more apt
The “Pro Life” Section

Hi, Alto. Sorry for barging in (since I’m not from the States) but the issue strikes too close to home for me. I am from Romania and they had this very ‘experiment' here not very long ago, I was born into it, I lived it first hand and I am a member of the generation that endured its consequences. It is sad that humans seem unable to learn from experience and allows for history to repeat itself over and over again at gruesome costs. I would like you to check out a documentary which is posted on YouTube (which is in English), if it’s not an imposition (it’s over an hour long). Maybe it would cast some light over the issue. It’s called ‘Children of the Decree' and maybe you can share it with this platform, I tried but my app doesn’t allow me to do it.

Nothing there is fiction or inaccurate. In fact, reality was harsher. I would be glad to hear any kind of feedback and it would be ‘interesting’ to see what people here make of it.