Hello people who responded, highlighted and replied to my story above :) Thank you!
Andrei Draganescu

Hi, Andrei. Thank you for mentioning me, which was warm as always. I edited that reply on an impulse (I’m impulsive like that — I got it from my father) and I deleted it, again, on an impulse (well, I’m a woman, what can I say? — isn’t that what you, men, say about us? That we don’t know what we want?). Or it may be because I’ve had a lot of work to do lately, my mind has been in several different places at the same time and it is about to blow. I can only steal a few minutes now and then for a quick browse, a quick read and a quick comment here and there. Hence, the emoticon reply, but some time later I was in a different mindset and remembered that it is not ‘appropriate’ for people of a certain age to use emoticons (I’m pushing 50, for Christ’s sake!) I keep forgetting that, or maybe I get lost in some blind spot of sorts. BTW, in my bathroom the light is as strong as it can get, to keep me as down to earth as possible. Because the cruelest curse that was cast upon us is that the mind doesn’t age at the same rate and pace as the outside us. I swear the ‘me’ inside is as idiotic as when I was 19, but then I’m shocked back into reality when I see the outside ‘I’ those lights show me in the bathroom mirror.

I would lose the scars and the bruises anytime, though. I don’t think they changed the ‘me’. Not really. They only shaped the ‘I’ that I present to the world, and it’s not a nice one. It makes me delete emoticon replies, among other things.

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