Am I wrong? No… I don’t think so… I think I need some backup here…

Hi, Teri. It’s morning at my place and, even though it’s Saturday, I’m on the go for a job to do today (I’m an interpreter/translator and I have to prepare for a ’gig’), but I can’t resist and take a few minutes to shoot a short reply to you on the topic.

The first thing that comes to mind for which I’m sure you will find statistics figures as a solid back up for you is the latest census results on a global scale. The numbers that stand out most are for China where they had the one child policy until recently for population growth control. That led to selective abortion and they ended up with something like 4 or 5 men for 1 woman in Beijing, and the problem concerns all of China, not only the capital. There is also the situation of the big tsunami a few years ago that took hundreds of thousands of lives along the shoreline where most women worked in fish gutting and were first killed during the tidal wave, leaving the country with a shortage of women that led to women trafficking and abuse, including little girls. The statistics and social studies are gruesome for many Asian countries, but not only there. I think you can find them if you have the time. In my own country we had a population count at the end of 2011 and the results were briefly published at the beginning of 2012, and then quickly swept under the rug. The results showed the usual 1.odd difference in numbers of men and women, the numbers being roughly equal on the whole, but when they showed the numbers per age categories, the results are clear: for the group age of 15–50 there are 2.7 men to ONE woman. Not to mention that thousands of women are killed every year in domestic violence acts in my country. Not a day goes by for TV news not to show one more woman or girl killed. But maybe you ‘friend’ has only your country in mind, but even there…

I hope I’ve been of help. I wish I had more time. Maybe I’ll make some later.

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