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I did the same at 19 (I was ‘retarded' like that). Only, I made sure nobody could claim they were the one who did me the ‘honour' of ridding me of it. I found it offensive to have my worth measured by that unfortunate accidental evolutionary trait that women were ‘bestowed’ with. I refused to let it play in favour of anybody. So, I came up up a plan and waited for the best opportunity to set it into practice. I hunted for the best candidate who materialised in the shape of a drunk boy (the type that used to not remember much after a drinking spree) at a night heavy metal party on the beach whom I promptly took for a skinny dip afterwards to erase any trace of the deed. Poor guy, he never knew what happened. I can’t really remember his face. So, let’s just say I was never ‘virtuous’ like that and that I made it impossible for anyone to call dibs on such an idiotic thing or let anyone get the upper hand because of it.

(Waiting for the sequel)

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