the intensely religious environments here
This is exactly what has been happening in segments of America.
Caleb Ramsby

I used to be baffled about the States because of that: how can such an advanced country be so rooted in and tethered by religion to the point of fanaticism? It just didn’t add up for me when I was young. I mean we are all prone to manipulation up to a point, but for things to get so far and against any common sense? Even mass suicide?!? Older age kind of clears things a bit. Humans are a weird species. We here are not very religious (we are more of a superstitious people), but even so, there are more than twice as many churches-empty and unused as they mostly are- than schools. At the moment they are building a huge cathedral in the capital -’the nation’s cathedral' they call it, sort of the headquarters of all churches in the country- which costs as much as two large state of the art hospitals (which we don’t have and are in desperate need of -’there is no money' they keep saying).

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