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I won’t mention it from now on, our like-mindedness and similarities are implied;) But a hot guy is of absolutely no interest for me if he has the proclivities of an alley cat. Maybe you’ve read what I said in a post somewhere about public toilets. To me, sex is too intimate a thing to be a recreational activity. If it were, people wouldn’t despise prostitution so much, they would respect it. Sex makes things complicated, whether people want to admit it or not. Even if people don’t have it, the not having it makes things complicated. Humans somehow managed to make such a convoluted thing out of it. About men’s looks, they mattered to me in so far as it mirrored their character and what they told about their physical endurance. I mean, what would there be in it for me if exertion caused him to have a heart attack before I get there (you know, the type that can’t see it without a mirror, when standing up straight:))? But there’s enough place under the sun for everyone. Fat, ugly and stupid people get laid, too. Even more than slim, good looking and smart people. Only the media (or the immediate social circle) just doesn’t report on it like they do when the lovers are gorgeous film stars (or good looking peers). That’s the truth but people don’t want to hear it for fear of their illusions being shattered. Men don’t need to be clobbered over the head with the sight of a woman’s breasts to know she’s looking for action. If they’re in the mood for it (to put it mildly), some will take anything they can get even if she shows no interest, sadly. There’s no honour or merit in the situation, but the hormone beats the neuron, as they say.

About your last paragraphs I’ll only say this: abandoning a task that is futile and pointless is not giving up. It’s making the most out of life.