I was thinking more along the lines of a collaboration. :p
Heath Houston

I’m flattered that you would think of me for a collaborator in translating poetry, but like I said, it seems (to me) to be more of a male talent.

Besides, you and him are men, both sharing the hurt of unrequited love, you are both troubadours, I have no knowledge of a woman troubadour. It would be an impiety for me to intervene. It would be trespassing on pure male territory.

Plus, he was angry at himself for wanting and needing women so much. He was also a full-blooded man, his manuscripts and drafts (some of them) are peppered with mathematical formulae with calculus and obscene drawings on their margins.

Women are not quite like that and I’m no exception, although there are many times when I wish I were a man.

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