of a British science fiction show from the 1970’s called Blake’s 7
(180): Triggered by Sci-Fi: The Evocation of a State of Being, Of Memories and Adventures
Betta Tryptophan

Oh, my God, BLAKE’s7!!!! What are the odds of finding someone talk about it here!?!? I can’t believe it! Phew… does it take me back in time!!! I have to go to YouTube and revisit it. I watched it in the early 80s, I must have been 13 or 14. It was my first ‘gig' as an interpreter and it was the crash course from hell, as I had been only beginning to learn English. I saw it on Bulgarian television on an old black and white TV set. The image was snowy as hell and the sound would come and go. See, I’m from Romania and at the time Ceausescu had decided that people didn’t need too much TV entertainment, so they had cut TV broadcasting down to only 2 hours of airtime a day, most of which was dedicated to the communist party praise, a la North Korea. Once or twice a month we’d get to see an old American movie from the 40s — classic movies, Fred Astaire musicals or Oliver and Hardy and such. So people started to steal TV airing from the neighbouring countries that didn’t have such draconic restrictions. Everybody improvised aerials that peppered all buildings, the landscape was eerie. In my case, it was from Bulgaria, and they broadcast Blake’s7 with subtitles -many movies they showed were doubled (I ended up learning some Bulgarian, too)- so this was a lucky break. We used to have friends over to watch it and I had to perform simultaneous translation for them as best I could. Wow…the memories coming back… Kids today don’t know how lucky they are, in my country at least. And yes, music has the same pull for me. For anybody, I guess. Smell and scent, too. Proust made the best of it in his “In search of lost time”, with the aroma of the ‘madeleines’ that sent him back in time. It’s all we’re left with in the end.

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