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Oh, Violet, I’d rather not have to do that. It’s getting tiresome. I like men, dammit! Why do so many of them have to be like that?!?! It so spoils the fun of being alive, you know? I mean, they all used to be little boys once, didn’t they? What happens to them along the way? There are psychological logical explanations and theories, but, still…. I have a two year old nephew by my brother who’s cute as a button. I look at him and I dread to think he may grow up to be one of those. His life will be horrible in that case. Which would be such a shame! How do they let themselves get so perverted? Don’t/can’t they see we’re in this (life) together? I sometimes look at my male pupils - their ages range from 10 to 24 -and we get along so well and we communicate so beautifully! I wonder if it’s only a facade (they can’t all be so innately devious, or can they?)they put up to impress me, or if it is that I am so fortunate to get only the honest and good ones in my tuition groups. What would be the odds for that?

We haven’t talked in a while. How are you? All is well, I hope?

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