I can – and have – written much on this topic, despite sincere efforts to have nothing to do with…
Douglas Milnes

OK, Douglas, I took the five minutes and watched the video. I agree, we should treat fairly all hate groups, including MRA. Because everything in that video simply goes the SAME the other way around. Mutatis mutandi, everything there goes for men leaving out context just the same way some women leave out context in their claims and actions. In other words, Mr. Brulé should have been fair and should have not treated the issues and claims superficially, since nothing is just black or white as he chooses to unfairly imply (what he inadvertently (?) chooses to understand feminism to be only proves he adjusted his take on it in such a way as to serve his own purpose). Otherwise, he’s just toast, like his name ironically means in French, and no fair judgement will ever take him -or any other such sophistry- seriously.

If you agree with his bit on the cowardly women who hide their faces, what’s up with your profile picture?

What’s fair is fair, no contest there, but let’s not use different definitions of the notion. In all fairness.

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