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Really? You would hear more about things here? I’d say I’m flattered, but in fact I’m grateful, because here people — especially younger people — seem to forget about things like these, and when people forget, history repeats itself. And history is full of horrible things. These girls ranting about feminism don’t realise that they have a voice and travel and have access to education and actually EXIST and are seen as human beings thanks to feminists. They all say they know about it and brag about having thoroughly researched it, but they don’t realize they are being manipulated into biting the hand that feeds them, they rationalize on half truths (I asked Svetlana about it too) and sophistry, yet they don’t seem to see it. I ‘liked' how she referred to sports abilities leaving out the fact that even in sports there are different categories — you don’t make a heavyweight boxer fight a lightweight one, yet you don’t think less of a lightweight boxer champion than a heavyweight one. If men and women of similar strength and value compete against each other, it would be a fair fight (let’s remember how some top male tennis players admitted to fearing having to go against the Williams sisters). The same goes for other domains, irrespective of their nature. I mean I certainly can go one on one with a man my size physically, but I stand no chance if he’s a lot bigger. I never held a grudge against someone better than me, man or woman, I would only respect them if they played fair.

I referred to that abortion thing first when it came to treatment of women and recommended the $5 story because the subject always hits VERY close to home — they are issues that affected my mother’s life and mine severely, as it did millions of women AND men, yet there is still so much confusion about it when things are clear and simple actually.

It’s a pleasure (and comfort) to me to see you wield your arguments. It simply is.

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