they are false and noisy and block the view to the beauty of humanity and the world. It feels also as the resonance of more idiocy to come
I completely agree that we males create problems for ourselves, which end up spilling over to…
Lorenzo L Pesce

Same mind here. I never quite understood those who claim that too much of a good thing or too much peace time is boring. Who gets bored with too much good or too much beauty?!?! I most certainly don’t! ‘We need conflict to awaken our spirit' they say, ‘it keeps us evolving’, I’ve heard it a lot in discussions spurred by the recent events in the States (I’m not an American), and when I was just about to admit they do have some kind of point, but that there were amendments that could be made to the contrary, they quickly threw a line from some movie at me - ‘look at the Swiss, they had a thousand years of peace and what did they come up with? A cuckoo clock!’. So I gave up, because there is no one more blind than those who would not see. And I feel old and tired of it all and I become a reclusive more and more. I keep an eye on the outside world by means of places like Medium where I’m glad to find people like you.

Good to meet you.

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