you do not strike me as the type who, despite the claim, “never wanted to have children
now we are getting there…..

Short answer to that is that I never wanted children because I like children too much. Short conceited answer is that I never met/found the male counterpart whose genes deserved perpetuating. Short arrogant answer is that the world doesn’t deserve my genes (insert tipping up chin and nose:)- anyway, none of it matters now as I’m over the hill and out of the game. The long answer would include unpleasant details that would go with an account of things that happened to me. I have slipped bits of it here and there along the time in brief replies to some posts here, but my life story is unworthy of occupying people’s time or attention on here or elsewhere. I don’t think that this is what this place is about (my life story, that is) and I abstain from it as much as I can and try to limit myself to only being a reader here so, there’s that.

About that crossbreed thing, um…that might have been why girls liked you- plus you’re a smooth operator- at the time of your tribulations in the states;), tattoos or no tattoos (I’ve never been much into them, nor am I much into the beard thing, for practical reasons:)) So keep trying to send those crossbreed genes forth -only not at any expense, especially not at the expense of your wife’s life. You should be enough for each other, if what you two have is the real thing.