Unfortunately… I know what that sentence means….iar


I hesitated and changed my mind, and decided not to respond to you, and hesitated again, but since you asked and seem genuinely interested in an answer, I caved and there it is:

Your words of compassion are appreciated, be sure. I also agree that things on this front were a bit better, but in my country there was a reverse of the medal -there was the dreaded Decree 770, maybe you know about it. I think you can at least imagine if not actually know how it is to live a life where one is constantly put in humiliating situations, given the recent history you lived through in your country- be it of a different nature, that decree did just that: humiliate and demean women starting from the age of 14 and making them feel as less than human and void of any value other than walking uteruses, no matter how often they proved or how clear it was that they were really good at anything else in school and life. Add to that the inherent mentality of people by which they were conducted in their personal life (irrespective of what communism tried to implemented on the surface- all people are equal) and which was that women are inferior humans -if ‘humans’ at all. My own grandfather called me a whore when I was 5(five) for the mere reason that I was a girl (and it wasn’t my first brush with this mentality, there had been other ‘things’ before that, and there certainly were more after that. Now, some (or even you) may call all of those things of small importance or even ‘nothing’s, and that one shouldn’t make a fuss about them, because they were of no severe consequence, right?, but I made my point about it in my original response on this thread, I thought I had made it clear. I thought you, of all people, would understand what such micro-aggressions lead to, or how they unravel or what their outcome is in the end. This is going in circles an we can go at it round and round until the cows come home unless we find the glitch in reasoning -because there is one obviously- and nothing beats face to face discussion efficiency-wise, so I’m not going into that again, it would be useless.

As for the questions in your last paragraphs, again we come full circle. We’re back to square one. I believe it was in our first exchange on this platform were I stated as clearly as I could: ‘I refuse to insult men and consider them all babbling idiots' -it was something to that effect, and you contradicted me, remember? Couldn’t you ‘hear' what I was trying to say? It’s that damn glitch again! It seems that you are ready to cut some slack to men when you say that the vast majority should not bear the brunt for the louder few, while you can’t seem to bring yourself to do the same for women on account of the few of them whom you deem as being impostors. Of course, I stand by what I state, you’ll stand by your position (I am an Aries and you are too, if I understood correctly, we’re both very stubborn), and we won’t get anywhere soon, so…

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