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Tell me about it! It was the same with my mother. Nothing worked between my patents, there also being a big age gap between them -she was 13 years younger than him, she was practically from another generation (a lesson of how things between people from different generations never go well). Even though me and my brother -as young as 10 and 11 years of age- begged them to divorce, they wouldn’t do it. I think they had a masochistic streak. It was like society had washed her brain into thinking that her only validation as a woman was only by being married to someone. And it was not like she was old or she was financially dependent on him — she made more money than my father. They clearly couldn’t stand each other. We, the children, couldn’t understand it. All we got from this was that parents aren’t always a model to follow just because they are the parents, they are more often than not an example of what not to do as a life lesson.

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