OK.. this will take a few minutes to answer… but I am answering to someone who has taken the time…

Thank you for the compliments on my country. Yes, it’s a beautiful country, but we don’t deserve it. We even have a saying: ‘Romania is a very beautiful country; too bad it’s inhabited’. I would go as far as to say: ‘ The Earth is a beautiful planet; too bad it’s inhabited’ and I’m sure you would agree- especially you, who are from where you are (yes, I’m well acquainted with what happened there and what you are talking about)- as much as I agree with you regarding the type of retribution when it comes to rapists. You are actually younger than me, I am 49 and also a teacher and unfortunately I’ve had enough time to go through a lot, like anyone my age, and yes, there is no such thing as truly ever recover from a…life experience like that. I believe that very few people are born ‘blubbering idiot' (those who are born that way are harmless), those who are born normal usually become such by means of education, be it formal ed- which still is largely insidiously spattered with what I called before subliminal bits (which are the most dangerous) or even open parts, which at least can be called out as such and maybe addressed- or informal, which is to say people educate each other and which is the most powerful one. But you know all these too well. What men seem not to understand and accept is that women are exactly the same as men. That male brain/female brain theory is utter bullshit. There is also that laughable statement that men think of sex a lot more times than women do. This one is horseshit. I’m not sure which one is worse- the BS or the HS, I’d say neither. See, women think of sex at least as often as men, your life experience in that area proved as much:), I’m sure you can confirm. The root of the problem is the thousands of years of so called civilised history which screwed up thing in such a way that it might take another thousands of years to reverse things and put them right again. People don’t have that kind of time and tend to make the most of whatever amount of time they have. Women, especially, want that. They don’t have the time necessary to analyse each and every man they meet and make the right decision. So they have no other way than take a walk on the mine field (I find your analogy spot on). There is no other way, otherwise they’d have to stay hidden and only get out of the den what? Twice, three times maybe? How is that right? What are we to do? Nothing? Live in fear? We might as well be dead or not exist at all. But if we don’t exist, who would all those men who want so much sex be having it with? Why is it such a big deal? Can’t they see that what they’re trying to perpetuate is against their own good, eventually? And that it didn’t start that way? But I’m getting lost in ‘what if’s and ‘why’s and ‘should’s, and like you said things are what they are. Yet, it doesn’t mean they can’t be otherwise, and you must admit that things started to shift, even if only a bit. And it is partly owing to those people who dare to take a chance across that mine field which, as my friend Caleb pointed out, was set up by people too -’people’, as in flesh and blood, not intangible gods and it is never useless to call out for responsibility, even on apparently inefficient rants on forums like this. They want to dominate, yes, but are we to succumb and submit to them? It would get us nowhere, not ever. About your last paragraph, you’re right, many attacks would have been prevented if women had taken the time to know men better, but we (at least the two of us) are talking from the vantage point of being in our 40s. It would be perfect if humans were born old and savvy and got younger as time goes by.

I must stop before I derail completely, but you started it:). The privilege was mine. Nice meeting you!

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