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Thank you for thinking that. I’d like to do more than commenting now and then -today is Sunday and couldn’t help responding Ingrid, I like her German feist- but I really don’t have the time. I don’t know how people here manage to post so often. I probably am just slow. I mean, I have a few pieces to which I add a few lines every now and then, but they are rough and need polishing. They are on topics spurred by impulse and I don’t think they are worth publishing. That’s why I didn’t comment on that piece (you almost got it- it’s ‘decret’). Yes, I read it, it is pretty much accurate; I would have added some things here and there- such as that the number of women who died was more in the range of 20,000, the official number with the declared cause as complications from abortion was around 10,000, the other half was registered under fake diagnoses to minimise the seriousness of the situation (20 thousand may not look like a big number, but that was out of a total population of about 20 million, so the percentage is quite high). But I didn’t think people would care what I had to say, given the other issues, political or otherwise, that I see in my feed. You have to admit it, they don’t give a damn about women’s issues. Not really. Which brings us to the age thing. We don’t really matter as human beings. That sentence (pun intended) saying that ‘women should be put to death once they reach 50’, let’s face it, mirrors women’s worth in real life. Who are we kidding? They are only valuable as long as their skin is taut. Age is not just a number for us. That fertility justification is bullshit. They want live inflatable dolls. I would add something more vulgar, but I abstain. I’ll say it again: I’m glad I decided not to have children, for had they been girls…

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