Definitely creepy if he’s good looking, in fact, it’s a damn sight worse.
Jane Sorensen

That’s all so very true. In fact, the worst things that happened to me came from the good looking ones and they were unprovoked and uncalled for. I usually stayed away from those types, actually I avoided them like the plague (I still do), as I knew their mindset too well, my own brother being one such type. He is extremely good looking and, when we were younger, he would behave inappropriately whenever I was not around to sometimes smack him at the back of his head to make him come around to civility (we are very close and there is only a one year age difference between us), he would do things I would have sworn and given an arm he would never do, thinking I knew him given that we’ve always talked openly and often agreed on most things. As for that human conversation you are talking about, years later, when his neurons caught up with his hormones, I asked him what possessed him to do such things -which he himself admitted were illogical and befuddling -he said that he had to keep face in front of his ‘peers’, that he would have otherwise lost their respect. Looks like men’s worst enemies are the other men and, actually, men fear other men, but they won’t own up to it and blame women instead as the easy way out. And that ‘bros before hoes' thingy usually doesn’t work either. It turned out that their ‘respect' was worth nothing, as none of them ever rose up to the expectations whenever he was in need and, to top things off, he lost the love of his life because of that, which he regrets to this day. I don’t know if he actually learned anything, at least I learned not to be sure of anything anymore, but I hope he did and that he will teach his son (who’s now two years old) the right things if he cares for his happiness. About the ‘entertainment women' — well, to each their own, I have my own explanation for that and I won’t get into it right now, but men are not in a position to disparage them or feel superior, there’s no difference between the toilet seat and the toilet de-clogger, like my mother used to say.

Sorry if it was too long a reply and thank you for yours.