Gender is a strange trick of nature
Gender is a strange trick of nature.
Lorenzo L Pesce

There are voices in genetics saying that the male gender is a genetic accident and therefore the missing link in explaining evolution. Accidental testosterone surge led to disturbing the hormonal balance, thus separating the species in two (or more) slightly different variables. Plants don’t do well for the testosterone part while there are a lot of them with high estrogenic content, such as soy beans and others. As for two females exchanging genes — no need for parthenogenesis there, cloning is well on the way and rumor has it that only women can clone themselves, no need for male input at all. Some even foresee the extinction of the male gender in about 150 thousand years or so. For the moment though, there is no danger of that. Last time they counted -2012 statistics- there were about 60 million more men than there are women on the planet. So, there’s that.

Males have extra problems to deal with? Then they have themselves to hold accountable for it, you have to admit they create problems for themselves, or better yet for their testosterone and adrenaline to have something to play with and get spent on. They only have to acknowledge that and clear away the cobs of confusion before putting things right.

In the meantime, I choose to make the best of it and enjoy the show of long feathers and bright colour design ;)

Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed it too.

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