experts note that impaling was a common execution method in Vlad’s day—though the prince certainly gained notoriety via the sheer numbers of people he impaled
Was History’s Most Brutal Murderer Really So Bad?
Josh O’Connor

There were different ‘styles' of impaling as to the part of the body where the stakes would go through. Vlad favoured the one in which it would go in from the crotch all the way to the upper body. Historians dedicated to the analysis of his life revealed that it may have been a way for him to exorcise his ‘demons’, since he was most likely to have been sexually abused as a child while he was held hostage by the Turks, as it was a common occurrence there (quite a coincidence-involuntary as it is- that your article should be published at the same time with an ongoing debate on pedophilia issues here on Medium).

P.S. I actually am from Walachia and Vlad is my favourite personality in Romanian history. I greatly appreciate your article, I find it well written, well documented and objective. Thank you for it.