Aww, thank you :) Luckily I also had a wonderful step father who taught me most of what I know…
Heath Houston

Today must be the day of coincidences. I was about to say something that Jaden said to me earlier today, only it contained the word ‘funny’ which doesn’t go with this coincidence.

My other grandfather, my mother’s father, had another family before he married my grandmother. He had a son while in his previous family who died that very death you speak about. My grandfather’s brother jokingly pointed a gun, a sort of a rifle, which was loaded and it went off and killed the 12 year old boy on the spot. His mother died a few years later ‘of a broken heart’, they told me. A whole family was ruined because of a ‘joke’.

About our fathers mellowing in their old age, biology/anatomy/science says that it has to do (aside from the wisdom of old age) with the level of testosterone declining with age. That softens men and allows them to finally listen to their heart, or at least be more logical (there even is a saying in my language that translates to ‘the hormone beats the neuron’). They are more like women. Maybe men aren’t supposed to have children too early in their lives. So, perhaps you’re supposed to have your three kids later in your life (I don’t know if you really want three, but you mentioned the number at some point).

To balance things, in case you find it off putting, women’s estrogen also decline with age and testosterone takes over more. We are more like men (moustache and all, lol).

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