What I see is someone that was conditioned to absorb abuse for payment from a young age who then ran into a master abuser
It’s not confirmed Violet, but it looks like it’s a story that almost all of the main stream media…
Caleb Ramsby

True. This is the exact parent mentality I came across more than once along my career, it is a thing here in Eastern Europe (I believe you meant Eastern, not Northern). I can never forget one mother a few years ago, whose daughter I was teaching. The girl was the best student I had that year and she was simply brilliant, not by comparison with the other students. One day the mother took me aside and I thought she wanted to get an update on the girl’s progress, so I gladly started to praise her and say how amazing a child she had when I realized she wasn’t hearing a word I was saying. She interrupted me mid sentence, with averted sheepish eyes and said ‘I wanted to talk to you, because, you know, girls are kind of stupid, they are not smart like boys are’. I was mind blown and I thought my hearing failed me. She went on to tell with a sad expression that she only had daughters, another younger one at home. At which point I barely contained myself, I felt like banging her head against each and every wall of the hall we were in. It was clear that she didn’t even know her daughter. At all. She had a 17 year old genuinely special daughter and she didn’t know her. The sad thing is that girls who choose -or are made to choose- the path of your first lady are taken as a role model, and I have often found myself having to try and talk some sense into their minds. There are many examples like that in my country (in my town and all over the media too) and none of them ended well. None. But they seem to see only the ‘good' part, the one with money, fame and wealth flowing, and it is an exhausting task to try and put an end to this Cinderella complex, both for them and their parents. It’s talking to the walls.

I sort of feel sorry for the woman too, especially that she is about my age and comes from the same world as me, but, you know what? That is the way of the lazy and not so bright. We’ve known about him, too, for the past 25 years from tabloids and that type of media, he was more of an anecdotal kind of celebrity, whom people talked about for laughs. We knew him as one of the category of men who couldn’t have a woman unless he forced her or bought her. As a woman, only the thought that such a man would as much as touch me made my skin crawl. But probably it’s only envy talking.

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