Thing is that it seems that every generation , no matter what, will have a certain number of young men who, for various reasons, feel the need to prove something through violence
there is another thing or two to take into account in all of this…..

We here often think- and say it outright, when having to deal with the younger generation’s shenanigans and whims -that the mandatory military service which used to be in place up until about 15 years ago was (and would still be) a good thing as it acted as an outlet for the sometimes too much hot air in the youngsters heads; it also taught them a little humility and a thing or two about human nature and human value. Also, the period of 9 to 16 months of service helped some boys to break loose of their mother’s skirt, as the fathers didn’t get much involved, if at all, in their sons' education.

(As a side note -since you seem to have a small tooth against women- military service was mandatory for all girls who were university students and in some other type of schools too. I was one of them, I’m not talking hearsay here. My mother was also one of them, she even outranked my father in military degree -it used to make my father go berserk sometimes:)).

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