We are the shadows of our parents scattered by the sunlight we choose to let in.
Heath Houston

Well, science says we inherit ‘the bulk' of genes from one parent, not all of it. It even goes further to state that really manly men (whatever that means) father mostly girls, so as to preserve their genes which they pass on their daughters, who will pass them on to their sons in their turn. As for myself, I am my father’s daughter. We were so much alike, both physically and mentally, that we couldn’t stand each other. We would fight all the time, and a few times not only verbally. But there were times, rare as they were, when we made the perfect team. He once even said that he didn’t have a son and a daughter, he had two sons. I grew to hate him so much, that I imagined how I would smirk at his dead body when he died. Boy, was I wrong! He died to my arms of a heart attack out of the blue, not ever having had a heart condition and being perfectly fit, while we were alone in the house, having the morning coffee together and making political comments over the news on TV. I found myself not being able to stop crying at the funeral every time I looked at him lying in the casket and for a long time after. It baffled and confused me. It took me years to understand myself.

So, don’t fight the father or the mother in you. It’s to no avail, anyway. Plus, they created a damn good mix in you!

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