I work with well researched facts, non of which you have been able to counter; which is why out of…
Svetlana Voreskova

Well then, why don’t you enlighten me (I’m the dumb blonde, see profile picture) and practice what you preach, you know, be non-rhetorical and non-hominem: would you be so kind as to please cite the exact titles and authors that you used for your research? All of them? And then we could go one on one, the two of us and everybody else here. For the sake of fair play.

One more thing. You mentioned men having to go and fight wars. Don’t forget those fine, incredible Russian women who fought in WW II. You should research that too. There is plenty of material published, written and filmed, and some of them are still alive. Check out their ordeals during the war and after. You should be proud of them and respect them. Don’t wave them off. They don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve them if we do that.

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