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Yes, they are, even across the ocean, in my country! One of those on that poster -Matt Heimbach- is just being discussed on a talkshow right now. He declared that he took inspiration for their actions and ‘movement’ from a character on the dark side of our history -Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. He was the heart and brain of a nationalist movement (of which my evil grandfather was a member- uniform and all:\) which was responsible for the assassination of over 60 statesmen and many other people around 1940. The Nazi-like movement was called ‘The Legion of Archangel Michael’ and the members were called Legionaries. The Heimbach guy is an avowed admirer of the movement and he declares himself to be a legionary. In Charlottesville he wore a black T-shirt with the portrait of Zelea Codreanu and the Iron Guard symbols on it. He said the T-shirts are a hit. He also said that the creed-book of Codreanu is very popular and a best seller within the ranks of his organisation -thousands of them, he declares. Heimbach came to my country a few years ago and documented himself on the legionaries, got in touch with those here- yeah, we have them too. He even converted to Orthodox Christianity and got married in Bucharest in 2014, in an old traditional church. The Legionary movement was a very toxic movement, albeit that they started out as a resistance against the communists (Heimbach even claimed that the communists attacked them in Charlottesville). It’s sad for me that a deranged ideology in my country got to be an inspiration for dangerous events with serious and grave repercussions in your country.

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