It’s become linked.
Sirous Martel

You are very vague and unspecific in everything you respond. This goes to say that you only speak in tongues and roll around words and phrases you obviously have superficial understanding about.

Now, it so happens that I lived the first 21 years of my life under a communist regime and its ideology hit me full force. Furthermore, I HAD to study Marxism -at first the adapted version of it, as the communists saw it fit to use only parts of it, those parts taken out of context that served to prove them right and justify their askew actions and policy. After 1989 we went back to capitalism (it was my generation that helped shaking communism off with the price of their life, literally) and I’ve been living in a capitalist society for the past 27 years. Full force capitalism at that. And I had the ability to study Marxism again, the real complete ideology. So, believe me, I KNOW it and I also know you have little to no understanding of it. Your intent is transparent and you only pave the way to your own unpleasant life. You want to go through it without any effort on your part and this ‘dreaded feminism' gets in your way and hinders your endeavor to accomplish that.

You clearly perceive feminists as more people to subject you to even more competition and that’s something you don’t need- you had enough competition to deal with from your male peers, women are all you didn’t need in addition to that. So you resort to social and ideological concepts as the straw to catch at in your attempt to save you from the effort. You use notions picked up along the way in a manner you think they prove your point and add weight and authority to your claims, when in fact they prove nothing of the kind and you seem to give them interpretation that serves your purpose, you only want to take the upper hand in a way that is selfish inconsiderate to others. This is why you can’t be taken seriously in your rant against feminism and you come out only as a person with a grudge, merely throwing a tantrum for not getting what you want without having to work for it.

You didn’t respond to the point of anything, if anything you proved to be judgemental to women only -your comment on slut walkers was directed to women again although I asked you about what you think about men doing the same. As long as you don’t reprimand slutty behaviour in anybody -men included- your slut shaming is void of any value.

You keep saying that western women have it easier, that western patriarchy (and I include here all of Europe, too, as it is west of oriental world) is not as hard and tough, utterly dismissing the fact that many women had to die for the next generations of them to have rights and a chance at a normal, fair life and correct treatment as humans. Nothing came or comes easy to them. But, obviously you don’t like to see that, so you won’t see that, or respect any of that.

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