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You speak my mind. One of my first interactions on this platform a few months ago was with another author of the genre (Vivian Winslow is her name, if I remember correctly) who posted a piece on the topic of that fsog garbage. The sad thing is that it seems to be able to influence young minds. That…’book' is able to set things 50 years back for women. At least the very young ones have the excuse of lack of life experience, but the success of that trash with the older ones is beyond me. The only explanation I can find is that the percentage of sub-mediocre people must be very high in the population. It’s unnerving. We could talk about it all night.

About the age difference, I may be biased, as my mother literally cursed me -she said that very phrase “ I curse you”- if I ever thought of getting involved with an older man, given her experience with my father (they are both dead now). So, I guess it stuck with me, I never even considered that age group for my relationships. On the other hand most of my relationships were with men 2 to 6 years younger than me and one my age. But I never considered anyone younger than that, I guess that’s my limit, it simply didn’t cross my mind that I could. Plus I had a very unfortunate, to say the least, episode when I was 29 that put my life on hold for about 10 years and things haven’t really got back to normal since then. Now I’m at an age when it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. So, there’s that.