2.5 Kids and Other Things
Mark H

You’re the male counterpart of my life and thoughts. It’s been just the same for me, although I don’t live in the States. This type of arranging our lives according to some sort of common preestablished “dream” imposed on us is a way of herding us like cattle, it’s trying to keep us in line and easy to manipulate. God forbid we should enjoy our freedom! God forbid we should be our own selves! It would NOT be of service to keeping THEM free and powerful! As for the 2.5 thing, I had my shot at it and I refused to comply to it — I had 3 abortions along my life, so I actually almost outdid it by .5. I decided the world didn’t deserve my genes (horribly smug, arrogant and selfish, huh?). But I’m a 48 year old woman, so I’m kind of out of the game, thank God. You, on the other hand, should not despair, so to say. You’re a man, you can procreate to the day you die (at age 100), so your parents can relax. Nothing’s all lost, if that’s all your worth for them, in case you decide to meet that piece of expectation (not that the human race is on the verge of extinction or anything).

I, too, have been a provider for my family for most of my adult life, but it doesn’t seem to matter or to count in any way. So, fuck it all, like you yourself said! I’m sticking to my freedom and my good life. It is and has been the only thing that works for me, as we only get to live once. Cheers!