The Richest Poor Man, Abdul Sattar Edhi

In this world ,there are few people who inspired us with our thoughts , working ,determination and Sir Stephen Hawken who known as his prediction about universe, Einstein for his theory of relativity and we have many more to explain. our land Pakistan also blessed with such peoples.Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of them. who work for humanity, when there is no humanity left in this cruel world.humanity is more important than just following the rules of religion.As he said “ No religion is higher than humanity” . in another quote we see he said “ My religion is humanitarianism,which is the basic of every religion in the world” then how it is possible to follow the religion just but not the basic thing of it.Abdul Sattar Edhi,who work for the needy one without greed, with out being a selfish person and materialistic. Now, just name is enough.

when i had a chance to read a book of title “A Mirror to a blind” autobiography of Edhi Sahib by Tehmina Durni.In which she beautifully present all parts of his life .Usually an autobiography easily make me yawned and i get bored.But, when i just stareted reading this book, it force me to change my way of thinking.i was surprised felt ashamed and regret at the same time because at the early age we had not idea about humanity , helping others in the way , which he did it. it make me fascinate to know what are the reason or factors who forced him to think in this way which an ordinary person can not do.

Most amazing part is his starting self discovery, when he questioned himself “why we are here, what will i be, why i have been sent there?. i know .no one ever asked such question in whole life. That’s the thing which make him different from us. Every job has a respect, dignity and value it self.Like his father said “ No labor is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worth of respect. Start from the lowest rung.” so he followed this rule and set an example for us. once his father said to him “ Simplicity is the only beneficial way of life.” when he discovered why we have been there true meaning of our life he adopted simplicity for whole life.

This is the point which i could relate with my life. i belong to a struggling family not the stable one . Our Prophet (S.A.W) said many times and teach with his actions to adopt simplicity ,to live a simple life. Simplicity make our life stressful and we learn to be happy with it. I had an en experience of it being simple in life . when few year ago ,when i were in Our financial issue was on peak. So mine eid dress was just simple . Before that i used to think happiness comes with money with expensive dress etc But at chand raat i sa a mam with hid daughter buying bangles for her at that time set of bangle just cost 20 rupess and when i further moved i saw a lady buying everything she likes. Then i think i am not at man place in who’s eyes shout the story of being poor by money ,even not at that lady place .i am inbetween.i have something which make me feel comfortable.the night ends.

Sun rises i wore my new dress i was quite happy from inside. This point teaches me to be simple in life. Teaches me to be happy with the thing which i have already.That’s the point of Edhi and i learnt something.

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