A Delayed Message

A. (6/2012)

Just know

Little by little, you
stopped loving me,
you let me become

Someone else, and then you did the same.

I never left you, except for when
I left you trembling, uneasy, overwhelmed
And stifled by the love that you had
Left for me. But that was fair.

You are someone else.

I am not alone now (as I was with you),
I am not blind, and I am not upset, and I am not
Trembling, uneasy, overwhelmed,
And stifled by the love that —

I no longer love you.

No, I do not.

You are someone else.

B. (3/2015)

I’ve known

With every jump and stride, I
fell further and further into you,
and you become

Someone else, while I remained the same.

I did, in fact, leave you, when I read you
as trembling, uneasy, overwhelmed
And taken over by what you really were
And what I wasn’t. And that wasn’t fair.

I am the same.

I am still as alone as I was then
Blinded, lost, upset, frustrated, I am still
Trembling, uneasy, overwhelmed,
And taken over by what you really –

I could never not love you.

No, I could not.

Even if you are someone else.

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