Be The Next Version Of Yourself

NO CODE App For Product Hunt Maker Festival

Originally published at on April 3, 2019.

Invest Time For Your Core & Grow Yourself

We are all busy, doing something very important(!), working hard to have a better career, reach our next goal, make more money, be more popular and all!

But do we spend time for self-growth? The self that needs to be taken care of, the self that also needs to be improved? Are we taking care of our cores? Are we trying to grow our inner self?

So I built “The next version of yourself” — is a simple Coda app where you can add the areas of yourself that you want to improve and track your daily efforts to be the next better version of yourself.

As no code app, this is not anything close to fancy, rather I try to build pretty functional one. From Maker festival, you can check the app “The Next Version of Yourself” in ‘Health & Wellness’ category.