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What is it?

A software vulnerability that is yet not patched and could be exploited by hackers if they find it.

It could be a hacker who detects the vulnerability first or it could be the user or it could be the vendor. …

You may know this, but here is why this is indeed true.

Let’s first float around the greek alphabet Ω. This essentially tells us about the minimum time that an algorithm will take to run.

Any good algorithm has the same upper and lower bound.

There are existing algorithms that have the worst-case complexity of O(nlogn) like the merge sort or Heap Sort. (*Quicksort does not have the worst-case complexity of O(nlogn) it’s O(n²) which occurs when the pivot badly divides the data into two highly unequal halves, only its average case is ϴ(nlogn) which makes it ϴ(nlogn) algorithm*)


Yes, You heard it right. The first computer did predict the US president. Too much for the “first computer”? Maybe. But this machine intelligence led to a major change in ideology regarding machines itself.

It was the night when everything around computers, electronics and businesses changed. The night when UNIVAC predicted that Eisenhower of The Republican will win against Stevenson-Democrat in 1952.

Before this prediction, computers were juggling with their undetermined faith in the market. People were sceptical and many business leaders, politicians and even scientists refused to believe that the so-called machine can ever replace Human labour.

John Mauchly


I am the craziest walker and yeah, I confidently can beat anyone in Korean, Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indonesian and Turkish TV shows.

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