It is rightly said that “Destiny has two ways of crushing us- By refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them”.

Refusing, yes, we can see it the devastation, the denial, the wreckage and then there is fulfilling them. It is so catastrophically put that the fulfillment of our wishes is the very thing that destroys us, crushes us.

Everything comes with a price. Our wishes too, they are more like wants if you see. I WANT this. I WANT that. I WANT to go there. I WANT him. Yes, I have had all these wants and I have made sure I always got what I wanted. But it never stops there. It’s not the happily ever after ever.

Yes, you get what you want then what? Then comes the price we talked about and it’s never pretty. We are merely rejoicing the fact that we got what we wanted and reality hits us.

‘This’ thing we wanted is not good enough.

‘That’ thing we wanted is good as long as it is someone else’s.

‘That place’ we wanted to go. Not a good idea.

‘That person’ we wanted. We fell in love with the idea of them, the idea that was well orchestrated in our minds and not the real them.

Then comes that moment where our sanity slips through us and we are nothing but mere puppets.We just don’t have any control over ourselves. We start hitting rock bottoms time after time. The only thing worse than geographical isolation is the mental isolation, the emotional isolation.

We know what we got ourselves into is destroying us yet we try to keep ourselves whole and lose ourselves in fragments. Even then we are not ready to let it go. Why? Because we worked so hard to get it. Is that a good enough reason? To let someone walk all over you? To let someone destroy you?

But then again tragedy has its unique way of clarifying our priorities. Until then people feed on our doubts and confusion.They take advantage of us, our vulnerability, our gullibility, our utter stupidity and oh yes the priority they have in our lives.

We start questioning ourselves and our existence amidst their mind games. And all this for what? For the satisfaction that we got what we wanted. Not being able to walk away from it because we won’t be able to find something so ‘special’ again? Won’t we be able to survive such a terrible devastation of the heart? The ultimate heartbreak? People have gone through a lot worse and were able to walk away from it.

When you see an opportunity to walk away from such a thing ALWAYS walk away. Walk away and never look back. They don’t want the best for us. For them, we are nothing but a pathetic attempt to paint a nicer picture of themselves to the world. Ego boost perhaps. It’s always to show off to the world and nothing else.

So you need to pick up all the fragments, the pieces scattered pick them right up and start building, you might not be the old you but you’ll be the better you. I promise. This moment will pass. It has to because the night can only last for so long and yes it’s the darkest before the dawn and you’ll have a new day, Your day. Until then stay strong and never give up on yourselves.

*Originally posted on a blog website I’m no longer active on

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