“Just Start”

We always have to come up with a goal, I had a dream, it is not good to call it dream; that was my passion. Medical Studies and Painting are two completely different pursuits. From a young age I was aware I had a capability which I was very fond of. Painting wasn’t just a hobby for me for I cud spend all day at it without even realising. It is fair to say it became an obsession for me.

Some of my paintings:

My largest painting (80 inches)

I never took any lessons. It was a talent I naturally possessed. As a child I would draw in my books and on the walls and slowly but surely I came to realise that my talents were indisputable. Then I started making my art on a larger scale. I also continued with my studies but whenever I had any free time I would spend it painting. I would show them off to my family and friends and receive much praise for it. I would even gift them to my acquaintances.

To Cancer Specialists. Dr. Abbas and Dr. Nadeem

Everyone who saw them would push me to further improve my talent by studying it professionally or to at least participate in competitions. I would always excuse myself by saying that once I was finished with my studies I would definitely pursue an education in arts. In truth I was apprehensive about pursing it for 2 other reasons

1) I was aware I was talented but I didn’t feel as if I could hold my own in front or against others.

2) Also my father did not appreciate me pursuing arts. He felt as though it could hinder my education. I was always troubled by going against him or disappointing him in any way.

I worked very hard to bring even more lustre to my natural gift so that I could impress more people and not only face off in any competition but become the best painter.

I participated in many competitions. Even in my university King Edward if there was a drawing competition I would be among the firsts to apply.

One day I went against my father and took part in a Youth Painting Competition at Expo Center. I was training at Shaukat Khanum at the time and took time off to go participate in the competition. This competition also had international participants and I became even more nervous. I wanted to represent my country in this competition which is why I displayed a painting of Badshahi Mosque that I had done. By the Grace of Allah, I won first place and Rs. 10000 as prize money. This was the first prize I had ever received and I cannot put into words the absolute delight and pride I felt that day.

Yoo.. I am 1st.

My second achievement came in my university where they held a Calligraphy Competition. I penned down two verses of Ghalib on a scenic picture which I painted myself. The judges were impressed by my artwork and awarded me first position and a shield.

Winning Gold Medal
Receiving Shield

I am now aspiring to become so accomplished that people recognize me for my craft.

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