The Beginning

Hello my name is Aftaab Pervez. Before I started my Entrepreneur’s Journey I was a little kid who was always lost, who never found his place among people at school and even family. My dad was a harsh man and told me to always shut my mouth, so that’s what I did.. I was one of the most silent guys till I was 16 years old. When I was 16 I started to learn about life and how I could follow my passion. The only place I felt at home was the gym. I would workout for 2–3 hours a day 5 times a week.

My first conference

But I knew it would not be what I wanted to invest all my time in later..

Even though I was one of the most introverted boys back then, I was still deeply fascinated by the way human’s communicate and why we are the most advanced species with this skill of social networking.

Because of my childhood, I had never learned how to actually “live” because I was always told to suppress my feelings and when that switched around suddenly I heard from a lot of people that I was so energized! even though I did not know why. It was simply because of the insights of my mentors in my books who thought me how to actually live to the fullest and live dangerously and free.

My goal of this blog is to let myself “draft” about the things that go on in my mind. My main focus of this blog is actually:

To share Insights on Life and Business.

Anxiety is on the rise in the world. The world doesn’t need more weak willed people. The reason why anxiety is on the rise in the world is because in this age people need to much comfort, just like you feel like you need your airconditioning and need to post your tweet.

The thing you should aim for is Wholeness. I know it sounds cheesy but it is not. The thing about us is that we feel that we have to feel happy to feel normal, this is not true! This is not meant to be pessimistic like you will never be happy but it means that you’ve done something extraordinary! The thing about us is that we are thought that it is normal to feel happy. Just like you are thought that it is normal that you have no arguments in a relationship, while this is not true! Understand that when you have no arguments, that you’ve actually done something extraordinary.

What is your opinion about this? I chose an unconventional topic because I want to have discussions in the comments about what it would mean for you to have “the good life”.

Gratitude from my heart for reading my story about: My Beginning.

Aftaab Pervez

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