Online Meetup

I message 3 friends and gossips with one friend face to face. Though i talked them after a long time on Facebook. In the start it was normal conversation but as i keep asking them from their life and ongoing work, it became interesting. They start asking me about my life, what i am doing, what job i will do, are you still single? etc etc. This conversation feel me that i am talking in real with them. After chat with them I feel relax and calm, don’t know why?.

The lesson I learned from this activity is you should keep in touch with your family members and friends and keep telling them your hardship and pleasures, it make you feel relax and happy.

How I apply this activity in my life or in my job?. I will be keep in touch with my superior and inferior. I will know the problems of my inferiors and I will Love to solve. And I will know the expectation of my superiors and their experience. This will help me in my job.

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