The First of Many B’z

Beginnings are important. That first step towards your journey, joys, questions, pure thoughts that we brought with our self, the courage that inspire us to leave our past behind, go with our present and curiosity of finding a bright future may be these are some of the most important things that can ever happen to us. The first time when a baby walk the joy that our parents feel can never be expressed in words. Sometimes they are complicated, hard but I guess we must celebrate them because they are beautiful, elegant, pack with oceans of hopes.

As soon I decide to write some blogs I begin to wonder what should be the topic of my first blog, first day of College captures my mind. That day I write my first program “Hello World!” It was like nightmare when I first saw those lines, I thought to myself how I am gonna do this. My hands were shivering but when it works that feeling of accomplishment, self-expression and the joy of feeling like wizard was best emotion I have ever felt.

What You Will Learn?

You learn more by sharing” So I will be writing blogs on number of different projects that I will be working in spring, Android, Machine Learning and Java. These blogs will be comprehensive in describing the problem I am solving, how it will behave in environment and what difficulties I face during development process. So my whole article will be a basic tutorial with the taste of my experiences. And possibly sometime I will be just admiring some new application of Science.
So Happy Coding and See you soon.

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