At first I dismissed it as just another framework fad
React’s Five Fingers of Death. Master these five concepts, then master React.
Sacha Greif

Me too!

Didn’t gave it enough time or attention to form an educated opinion. Just scanned the surface, considered it yet another view library, heavy on selling JSX. Thought, why do we even need to travel down in those trenches, battling with new constructs, eventually ending up writing some XML-like structure in JS(sigh).

Benefits weren’t immediately obvious until cool folks started educating about functional paradigms and their ability to tackle challenges of state management and asynchronicity, old challenges with no single robust and standard way of dealing with them.

Wisdom to live by(I’d say): React(and React-like component-first frameworks) are not that hard to master(avoiding too much of the ecosystem in beginning), bring beautiful practices to the table(to our benefit), and JSX is not trying to be HTML.

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