Cyanogen wants to put a bullet through Google’s head

So apparently, CyanogenMod wants to steal Android from Google, matter of fact, their CEO, Mcmaster is quoted as saying that not only does he want to steal Android from Google, he also wants to put a bullet in Google’s head while he’s at it.

CyanogenMod wants to free itself from Google and become an OS on its own, like Blackberry, Windows phone etc.

They want to start selling devices that come without Google apps and services, a device that doesn’t even have a play store, instead has a customized app store and some preinstalled apps such as twitter and Microsoft apps, basically whoever is funding them to get rid of native Google apps and preinstall their apps on these devices instead.
They got $80 million in funding, not bad at all. They might get away with such devices and even make them sell in developing countries, countries where windows phone and Blackberry are already the top selling devices and operating systems.
Also countries like China, where Xiaomi has a huge market share by selling similar forked Android devices, running without Google apps and services.
But to sell these devices in North America and Europe is going to be pretty damn hard.

They might get close to Blackberry, if they’re very lucky but such forked Android devices are DOA in North American markets.
Take the Amazon fire phone for example.

It’s understandable that leadership and direction of a company changes when some serious money starts coming in, which seems to be the case with CyanogenMod, it started with the whole OnePlus and Micromax fiasco.

Yes people do flash CyanogenMod on devices that run touchwiz, sense or any other UI, in order to get a cleaner, more stock Android looking experience.
But if that’s going to change and what we get is a forked version of Android with no Google apps and services instead, then the amount of installs is going to go downhill.

I’ll miss the community driven CyanogenMod, which we all love. The CyanogenMod that makes old and lower spec devices run just as smooth and fast as the latest hardware we’ve got nowadays.

Just my two cents.

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